leine de lights

photo: samuel henne

the city of hanover decorates itself with a floating chain of artificial lights at the town hall for the upcoming 775th birthday of the city.

as if pulled up on a huge string of pearls, countless points of light illuminate the “maschteich”. as a birthday present to the hanoverians, they are a real eye-catcher and invite you to linger in the park. on the one hand, the floating line symbolizes the 775 years of city history as a timeline, on the other hand it stands for the moment when a city actually defines itself, the city boundary – which, of course, is constantly changing and expanding

like the idea of the pearl necklace, the floating light line will shine and flash by an electronic control, the light points can run towards each other and away again. in interaction with the gentle swaying of the floating objects, a tension arises between the severity of the line, which is kept in minimalist black and white, and various moments of movement.

several listening stations around the shore complement the installation and encourage visitors to explore the installation and the new town hall from new perspectives.
the compositions of the berlin sound artist F.S.BLUMM, created for the city’s birthday, are complemented with sounds from hanover’s urban space – the surrounding noises necessarily accompany them: in the surrounding of the “maschteich”, a second level of experience is drawn in, which enables completely new – and very different – sound experiences with the hometown both during the day and by night.
in addition, the twin cities will be involved in the city birthday celebrations. they are asked to send a bottle of air to inflate the tyres on which the lights are installed. an apparatus specially built by the group of artists will mix the air of all the twin cities and the air from hanover and fill it into the tubes.
the opening of leine de lights takes place on the evening before the celebrations for the city birthday, on saturday, 25.6.2016 at 22.30 o’clock during the night of the museums.
we celebrate – with art!
presentation times: daily 12 to 24 o’clock, to be seen until 24 July!
– sound: 12 am to midnight / light: after dark until around midnight
– guided tours take place every friday evening at 9 pm.
– franz betz, TrafoLab lichtkunstlabor, hanover (project management and lighting)
– claudia pahl, feinkost lampe, hanover (concept, sound)
– dr. jürgen rink, editor-in-chief of c’t Digitale Fotografie, hanover (concept, technology)
– sound composition: F.S.BLUMM, berlin
– coordination on behalf of the city of hanover: anne prenzler, cultural office