artificial intelligence draws portr_ai_ts

line drawings can be found in all epochs of human tradition. from simple carvings in sand and rock to etchings and complex computer animations. the approach to the line by means of finger or pencil is always a simple one. this is where the project “portr_ai_ts” comes in. drawing faces from a line, be it […]

fern von nah, lichtinstallation

fern von nah

Eisfabrik Hannover, 11.10.- 8.11.2020 Die Ausstellung „fern von nah“ widmet sich dem Thema menschlicher Grenzen und Ausgrenzung. Ein Thema, das seinen Anfang zu Beginn der Menschheitsgeschichte in der Steinzeit nahm und sich in den vergangenen Jahren bildstark in unserer Wahrnehmung manifestierte. Zusammen mit Studierenden des Fachbereichs Architektur entwickelt der Lichtbildhauer Franz Betz eine Lichtinstallation für […]


blind text at luminale 2020

Text fragments are an essential element of today’s communication, and portraits as photographic presentations are often the continuation of romantic visual worlds. Here, three show windows become a place of communication. Portrait and lettering are pixelated and converted into electrical-mechanical dots on flip dot displays. Photo sensors take self-portraits and convert them using AI algorithms. […]

nyb ´14

5th international festival of contemporary sculpture

invitation 5th international festival of contemporary sculpture 46 hosts from 14 countries invite you to the new year´s brunch ´14 sunday, 19th january 2014, from 11 am (CET) producer gallery „4h-art” hindenburgstr. 7a 30175 hanover program: light, water, wood. sculptures and objects by franz betz, ludvik cejp and dieter rammlmair. musical improvisations with hartmut brandt, […]

aktionscollage „Li-bloobs“ , luminale 2014

luminale 2014, photo gallery from the stereobar

  march 30th: many thanks to the two noble helpers christian fahlke and michael müller and of course all the creative bloober who helped to shape the galaxy. march 31st: the first packaging bags are included in the design, even “ringelnatz” poems are brought to paper. exciting conversations at the bar, the last guests are […]

new galaxies at the luminale

li-bloobs with the campaign collage “li-bloobs” the sculptor franz betz takes us into the centre of the milky way. in the stereobar new constellations of stars are created from globe lights, and visitors become swarm artists. every evening, a new galaxy is created in the middle of beverage crates at the luminale. place: stereobar abtsgäßchen 7, […]

city sculpture given to prince andrew

with royal consecrations. the city sculpture was handed over by stefan schostok to prince andrew as an official gift of hanover. more about the sculpture kit:

in the beginning there was the word

„luther lounge“ at ekd-church office to the long night of churches on the 19th of september 2017 6pm-2pm, herrenhäuser straße 12, 30419 hanover, germany installation by the sculptor of light franz betz “in the beginning there was the word” christian symbolism lives from light. according to the biblical account of creation, god’s first action in […]


“IHME VISION”, the open light festival, presents urban space as part of a two-day event from the 18th to the 19th of september 2015 and makes a playful and creative contribution to the much-discussed future of the ihme centre in hanover-linden. the festival is a modern attractive platform for the young hanoverian film and creative […]

“kraftraum 037″/”strength room 037”

exhibition “the new sensuality in contemporary art” from the 6th june to the 20th september 2015 in the former jva magdeburg, sudenburger wuhne 6, 39112 magdeburg OPENING on 6th june 4 pm -> light installation by franz betz in cell 037, “strength room” 

“kronleuchten”/”crown shining”

a warm invitation to the castle. on the 4th of december the light installation “kronleuchten” starts in the courtyard of the castle in schloss landestrost in neustadt am rübenberge. at 4 pm the installation at the chestnut tree is put into action.

luminale 2016: mystical light-sound-installation in the “nebbiensche gartenhaus”

  “light and shadow” the sculptor franz betz fascinated the senses of numerous visitors at the luminale 2016 with his combination of music, literature and visual arts. mid-march the eighth “biennial of light” took place in frankfurt am main. with its many experimental concepts, installations and works of art, the event creates an unique platform […]

leine de lights

the city of hanover decorates itself with a floating chain of artificial lights at the town hall for the upcoming 775th birthday of the city. as if pulled up on a huge string of pearls, countless points of light illuminate the “maschteich”. as a birthday present to the hanoverians, they are a real eye-catcher and […]

light and shadow at WerkStattHaus

  werkbund nord presents the room installation light and shadow for werkbund day. a contribution, which shows the diversity of the werkbund as well as the process of creative work with a free artistic work. the installation of the sculptor of light franz betz remeasures the room. light letters of the sculpture alphabet alphabetz mark the […]

f-io-cinema at “art in cinema”

“the canvas shatters. fragmented components on the floor. shredded contents of forgotten movies, dramas, comedies, blockbusters. put together. assembly to a space object. a mobile or a floating diva?” in a community project, 14 artists from hanover revive the cinema at steintor, which has been vacant since 1982. franz betz, a sculptor of light who […]

trafolab at luminale 2018 #lww5

LIGHT SWARM ARTWORK #LWW5 pop-up-manufactory for 5-dimensional light art a project by franz betz at luminale, the light art laboratory trafolab founds a pop-up manufactory in markt im hof, sachsenhausen. using cameo laser cutters, components are produced for a light sculpture, the LIGHT SWARM ART WORK (lww5). coloured acrylic sheets made of Perspex® are the basic material […]