nyb ´14

5th international festival of contemporary sculpture

nyb ´14


5th international festival of contemporary sculpture
46 hosts from 14 countries invite you to the

new year´s brunch ´14

sunday, 19th january 2014, from 11 am (CET)

producer gallery „4h-art”
hindenburgstr. 7a
30175 hanover


light, water, wood.
sculptures and objects by franz betz, ludvik cejp and dieter rammlmair. musical improvisations with hartmut brandt, saxophon hanover, and monika herrmann, cello hanover.
contribution to expenses for food and drink.

at the international new year’s brunch, which takes place in 2014 for the 5th time, everything is about three-dimensional art. studios, galleries and museums welcome guests as well as artist and architect associations, foundries and workshops. people interested in art come together to exchange ideas on the subject of contemporary sculpture and installation and to meet new faces.

this year, hosts from austria, bulgaria, finland, portugal, france, germany, italy, russia, spain, macedonia, great britain, poland, switzerland and the netherlands will open their doors to the public. the program, which each host develops individually, is as varied as the year itself – of course always combined with the opportunity to toast to the new year.

all locations will be connected via video livestream from 11 am this day. this is how virtual networking succeeds – locally, nationally and internationally. it enables interdisciplinary dialogue between artists and collectors, experts and other art lovers across spatial boundaries.

the new year’s brunch is organized in cooperation with sculpture network. the non-profit organisation based in germany will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014 and can look back on a remarkable success story. in order to strengthen public awareness and acceptance of three-dimensional art and to promote interdisciplinary dialogue, this organisation has set up a network of around 1,000 members in 43 countries.

further information on sculpture network and a detailed list of all venues with programs can be found on the website
we kindly invite you to our new year’s brunch ’14 and look forward to the announcement of the event in your publication.

information about the artists can be found here:
www.franzbetz.com / http://www.cejp.de / www.rammlmair.de

information about the gallery can be found by clicking here:

aktionscollage „Li-bloobs“ , luminale 2014

luminale 2014, photo gallery from the stereobar


march 30th: many thanks to the two noble helpers christian fahlke and michael müller and of course all the creative bloober who helped to shape the galaxy.
march 31st: the first packaging bags are included in the design, even “ringelnatz” poems are brought to paper. exciting conversations at the bar, the last guests are usually the nicest.
april 1st: bar boss marlene is in a galaxy frenzy and takes pictures for her art history studies! the bloober tell their luminal experiences and the team of fahlke & dettmar brings the bar to a boil with hits of the 70s and an original light dj.
for tonight it goes on from 7 pm…

new galaxies at the luminale

luminale 2014
luminale 2014

with the campaign collage “li-bloobs” the sculptor franz betz takes us into the centre of the milky way. in the stereobar new constellations of stars are created from globe lights, and visitors become swarm artists. every evening, a new galaxy is created in the middle of beverage crates at the luminale.

place: stereobar
abtsgäßchen 7, 60594 frankfurt/sachsenhausen
duration: from the 30th of march to the 4th of April 2014
opening hours: 7 pm to 12 pm
free entry
supported by:
fritz-kola, viva messebau, fahlke & dettmer


in the beginning there was the word

„luther lounge“ at ekd-church office
to the long night of churches on the 19th of september 2017
6pm-2pm, herrenhäuser straße 12, 30419 hanover, germany

installation by the sculptor of light franz betz
“in the beginning there was the word”

christian symbolism lives from light. according to the biblical account of creation, god’s first action in the world was: “let there be light”. (genesis 1:3).

the new testament describes jesus as the “light of the world”: “he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (john 8:12).

it is not surprising, that light plays an important role in christian architecture: early christian churches are oriented to the east, towards the sunrise, filigree gothic churches with their large, colourful windows also bear witness to a promising, heavenly other world, making them sensually experienceable.

today we find light much more profane in our technological everyday life. always available and controllable. necessary as a light and heat dispenser, as a transporter of information, as a reading medium for data carriers or even for editing. or to expose photos or printing plates in modern printing technology. light fascinates us: rhythmic illuminated advertisements chase for attention in busy cities – illuminated displays and screens suggest important worldwide networking on mobile phones and computers.

the sculptor of light franz betz (born in 1963) from hanover is aware of the various meanings of light and he transforms them artistically. the cultural forum in the church office of the ekd invited him to interpret the foyer of this church administration building, which was built about 30 years ago for the “long night of the churches” on the 19th of september 2014, as a “luther lounge”. what the architects axel schultes (a. o. chancellor’s office berlin) has designed in timeless generous language of form for the union of all evangelic regional churches offers space and surface with its voluminous ship symbolism and the many windows. this is where betz brings his three-dimensional works to life.

for this purpose the artist combines the light with the word from the gospel of john, which is elementary for the christian message: “in the beginning there was the word” (john 1:1). it follows the evangelical church in germany (ekd) together with its member churches and many other actors from politics, culture and tourism through the theme years of the reformation decade on the way to the jubilee year 2017, which commemorates the 500th anniversary of luther’s theses in wittenberg on the 31st october 1517.

with the latest led technology and projectors, betz interprets what has been handed down, questions and reinterprets it in the artistic freedom of his own handwriting. with his “alphabetz” he has created his own playful vocabulary of light. these 26 illuminated letters are the building blocks of a language that has (still) kept its secret while it can be easily understood.

christian religion is inconceivable without light, language and their transmission. the bible would not have become accessible to everyone without johannes gutenberg’s previous invention of printing with movable lead letters. this technique made it possible to communicate and discuss luther’s theological findings all over the world.

exactly at this point the artist franz betz starts his own language and enters into dialogue with the christian faith and theology. he invites us as viewers to look at, reflect and discover from a different perspective what seems to be old and familiar.

christian weisker

translated by stefanie dotz


program (e.g. conversation of margot käßmann with guests)

kirchenamt der ekd
herrenhäuser straße 12
30419 hanover



“IHME VISION”, the open light festival, presents urban space as part of a two-day event from the 18th to the 19th of september 2015 and makes a playful and creative contribution to the much-discussed future of the ihme centre in hanover-linden.
the festival is a modern attractive platform for the young hanoverian film and creative scene. It enriches the cultural offerings in hanover in a unique way, revives the new park at the ihme and focuses on the ihme centre and the discourse about the sustainable future of urban space.
urban pop-up restaurants and mobile architecture offer a high quality of living in an ambience that promotes communication.
visual diversity sets the tone – “IHME VISIONEN” combines different visual forms of art: short film, documentary, video art, projection mapping, light installations and illumination.
“IHME VISION” is a pilot event on the theme -city, people, visions – and will be continued in 2016.
jörg strohmann – communications manager, project manager, initiator
iyabo kaczmarek – producer of cultural events
esther-marie kröger – assistant for international affairs at the university of hanover, freelance designer
franz betz – sculptor of light
more info: www.facebook.com/ihmevision
photo: katharina geber

“kronleuchten”/”crown shining”

a warm invitation to the castle.
on the 4th of december the light installation “kronleuchten” starts in the courtyard of the castle in schloss landestrost in neustadt am rübenberge. at 4 pm the installation at the chestnut tree is put into action.

luminale 2016: mystical light-sound-installation in the “nebbiensche gartenhaus”


“light and shadow”

the sculptor franz betz fascinated the senses of numerous visitors at the luminale 2016 with his combination of music, literature and visual arts.
mid-march the eighth “biennial of light” took place in frankfurt am main. with its many experimental concepts, installations and works of art, the event creates an unique platform for the presentation of light art. especially the interactions between artists, installations and visitors become special experiences.

invited by the künstlerclub frankfurt, franz betz presented his spatial installation “light and shadow” in the “nebbiensche gartenhaus”. an interplay of graphic characters installed with neon, fog, silhouettes and light projection. betz measured the garden pavilion with the characters x/y/z of his “alphabetz”.

the fourth dimension to the cartesian coordinates x/y/z was the premiere of the composition “lichträume” by christopher brandt. the composer and musician combined sound sources into sound spaces and expanded the consciousness of the guests by a fourth sound dimension.

the classicist pavilion in the middle of the financial metropolis is one of the most mysterious places in frankfurt and therefore perfectly matches the title of the room installation. with the help of a fog and wind machine, the light was captured and freed again. this created a mystical atmosphere that gave a feeling of infinity to more than 1,000 visitors. for the opening, the artists’ club organized a matinee with andrea wolf, accompanied by christopher brandt on the electric guitar. matching the theme “light and shadow” the well-known actress gave a performance with texts, songs and poems.

iGuzzini, a highly respected promoter of lighting culture and a well-known italian manufacturer of architectural luminaires, sponsored the special lighting system for the artwork “light and shadow”.
last but not least, electric guitarists steffen ahrens and tenny flavio virzi took the audience away from the presence for a while. compositions for electric guitars and electronics were the perfect finishing touch to the installation.

“doing instead of talking” – the sculpture construction kit at the german werkbund day 2017

when people who share similar passions and interests meet, energy arises. this was the case at the deutscher werkbundtag 2017, which started on 14th july in nuremberg.

the public event “experiment: sculpture kit” by and with franz betz enlivened the lorenzer platz this weekend. along the saying “doing instead of talking”, the participants noted down their questions and answers on the topic “creative education 2050” on the components of the team sculpture. this resulted in intensive and exciting discussions with the students of the werkbund workshop in nuremberg, participants of the werkbund day and interested visitors.

building sculptures together, developing questions and answers, discussing – DWBT17 was a lively event

the form specialist ackermann gmbhensured the perfect fit of the sculpture components. the material of the components also supported the visionary and future-oriented approach: tricoya is the name of the outer material, which was generously provided by the wood specialist roggemann. the waterproof MDF board should last 50 years! in 2050, the team sculpture could be used for a retrospective event without any problems.

at the weekend there were also explosive lectures and intensive (podium) discussions, which provided new impulses. the great organisation of the werkbund bayerns made an exciting and interesting weekend possible, thank you very much!

by the way, the team sculpture was taken over by the private primary and secondary school liebfrauenhaus  in herzogenaurach after the werkbundtag and will continue to be used there in the form of a “pilot school”.

leine de lights

photo: samuel henne

the city of hanover decorates itself with a floating chain of artificial lights at the town hall for the upcoming 775th birthday of the city.

as if pulled up on a huge string of pearls, countless points of light illuminate the “maschteich”. as a birthday present to the hanoverians, they are a real eye-catcher and invite you to linger in the park. on the one hand, the floating line symbolizes the 775 years of city history as a timeline, on the other hand it stands for the moment when a city actually defines itself, the city boundary – which, of course, is constantly changing and expanding

like the idea of the pearl necklace, the floating light line will shine and flash by an electronic control, the light points can run towards each other and away again. in interaction with the gentle swaying of the floating objects, a tension arises between the severity of the line, which is kept in minimalist black and white, and various moments of movement.

several listening stations around the shore complement the installation and encourage visitors to explore the installation and the new town hall from new perspectives.
the compositions of the berlin sound artist F.S.BLUMM, created for the city’s birthday, are complemented with sounds from hanover’s urban space – the surrounding noises necessarily accompany them: in the surrounding of the “maschteich”, a second level of experience is drawn in, which enables completely new – and very different – sound experiences with the hometown both during the day and by night.
in addition, the twin cities will be involved in the city birthday celebrations. they are asked to send a bottle of air to inflate the tyres on which the lights are installed. an apparatus specially built by the group of artists will mix the air of all the twin cities and the air from hanover and fill it into the tubes.
the opening of leine de lights takes place on the evening before the celebrations for the city birthday, on saturday, 25.6.2016 at 22.30 o’clock during the night of the museums.
we celebrate – with art!
presentation times: daily 12 to 24 o’clock, to be seen until 24 July!
– sound: 12 am to midnight / light: after dark until around midnight
– guided tours take place every friday evening at 9 pm.
– franz betz, TrafoLab lichtkunstlabor, hanover (project management and lighting)
– claudia pahl, feinkost lampe, hanover (concept, sound)
– dr. jürgen rink, editor-in-chief of c’t Digitale Fotografie, hanover (concept, technology)
– sound composition: F.S.BLUMM, berlin
– coordination on behalf of the city of hanover: anne prenzler, cultural office

light and shadow at WerkStattHaus


werkbund nord presents the room installation light and shadow for werkbund day. a contribution, which shows the diversity of the werkbund as well as the process of creative work with a free artistic work. the installation of the sculptor of light franz betz remeasures the room. light letters of the sculpture alphabet alphabetz mark the axes xyz with a free architectural line. wall elements resemble building plans and urban silhouettes at the same time. an abstract space of planning, designing and rejecting is created.

to be seen together with the designs of the werkbund city berlin
until the 27th november 2016, thursdays – sundays 4pm – 7pm

werkstatthaus (1.og)
quedlingburger straße 11
10589 berlin
more at: werkbundtag.berlin

f-io-cinema at “art in cinema”

“the canvas shatters. fragmented components on the floor. shredded contents of forgotten movies, dramas, comedies, blockbusters. put together. assembly to a space object. a mobile or a floating diva?”

in a community project, 14 artists from hanover revive the cinema at steintor, which has been vacant since 1982. franz betz, a sculptor of light who will stage f-io team sculptures in an exciting context, is also part of the project.

we kindly invite you to the vernissage of art in cinema on friday, 5th may, which will be opened by denise m’baye at 7 pm. you can also visit the exhibition on the 6th and 7th may.

installation information

the sculptor franz betz creates sculptures from the components of the sculpture construction kit f-io, which redefine the space. by doing this he integrates the present people. it’s a conceptual and participative work in which the artist himself makes an assistant for the moment of the assembly, not judging, but helping and curious, what is possible from his construction kit and the people who are involved.

place of exhibition

address: münzstraße 3/4 in 30159 hannover
by public transport: station steintor
[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d608.9262277970435!2d9.730768788148461!3d52.37577051744837!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x47b074bb40d45513%3A0xb609fc9a07c9c371!2sM%C3%BCnzstra%C3%9Fe+3%2C+30159+Hannover!5e0!3m2!1sde!2sde!4v1491813264215&w=600&h=450]

trafolab at luminale 2018 #lww5


pop-up-manufactory for 5-dimensional light art
a project by franz betz
at luminale, the light art laboratory trafolab founds a pop-up manufactory in markt im hof, sachsenhausen. using cameo laser cutters, components are produced for a light sculpture, the LIGHT SWARM ART WORK (lww5). coloured acrylic sheets made of Perspex® are the basic material for transparent pentagons. Kraftplex® serves as a painting base of individual connecting
bridges. the visitors create a growing, changing light sculpture during the luminale from these 5,000 components (pentagons and bridges). they become swarm artists who can take a piece of sculpture with them as a monocle of light. the light sculpture lww5 is continuously growing outside the market in the courtyard in a completely real and virtual way.

particularly instagramers are being encouraged to take photos of the lighting components in the pop-up manufactory and throughout frankfurt and offenbach, if possible also with individualised components.
hashtag: #lww5

during the opening hours there will be service in the courtyard with sufficient seating.

opening hours: 18 march 2018, 4pm – 11pm / 19–23 march 2018, 6pm – 11pm
location: markt im hof, wallstraße 9–13, 60594 frankfurt am main

» more information at www.trafolab.de/luminale