blind text at luminale 2020


Text fragments are an essential element of today’s communication, and portraits as photographic presentations are often the continuation of romantic visual worlds.

Here, three show windows become a place of communication. Portrait and lettering are pixelated and converted into electrical-mechanical dots on flip dot displays. Photo sensors take self-portraits and convert them using AI algorithms. This results in new monochrome pictorial worlds that merge typographically with text, intensified by the noise of the flipdots.

To celebrate the opening, actress and speaker Ricarda Klingelhöfer will intone delicate word fragments, using her voice to search for illuminating information from blind text generators: texts that only exist in the mind or are otherwise invisible. During an unusual blind text reading in the design agency Bureau Mitte, visitors will learn of blind spots, the blindness of the sighted people and illumination of lettering.

On Friday, the Werkbund Hessen is organizing a theme evening entitled “The inter-medial space between text and image.” Producers of visual content will be elaborating on the question of how much design can image and text tolerate? How much design does a text require? How much text does an image contain?

Questions, it seems, that have always been asked. A relationship that will be redefined on this evening of discussion.

Place: Weckmarkt 3/5, Frankfurt am Main

supported by:

  • Werkbund Hessen e.V.
  • Buerau Mitte
  • Link-Projekt Stiftung Niedersachsen
  • Dr. Rainer Radow
  • Forum Typographie e.V., Biegit Walter

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