series of work

series of work / projects
1987 das mensch, cad-model for the proportion theory
1989 lichtkunst kunstlicht, computer animation on the symbolic value of artificial light
1991 project well, exhibition system of corrugated cardboard
1991 interactive multimedia projects
1997 start of the wooden sculpture series c, k and r
1999 adhesive sculptures
2000 sculpture-alphabet project lines
2002 completion of lines font alphabetz
2003 work series lichtskulpturen, neon letters from the alphabetz
2004 wooden work series o
2005 project lines to go, ligna guide to art
2006 images rupestres, modern cave painting
2007 arthropodium, swarm artwork
2008 start of the project alphascape, swarm artwork landscape of views
2009 project lichttänze with ursula wagner
2009 work series die vermessung der lichtline
2011 work series sculpture building kit f-io
2011 project city sculpture
2012 netzwerkskulpturen, participative swarm artwork
2014 bloobs, every day a new galaxy, swarm art
2014 zwangsarbeiter in bückeburg, installation and swarm art, bückeburg and its neighbourhood
2015 foundation light art laboratory trafolab
2015 planeten werfen, blacklight balls as swarm art galaxy
2016 leine de lights, light sound installation
2016 die karawane zieht weiter, sprengel museum hanover, matinee with the ensemble megaphone
2016 #rounovre, artificial benches for the place de hanovre, rouen
2017 teamskulpturen, werkbundtag nuremberg
2018 lichtschwarmwerk, pop-up manufactory for luminale frankfurt
2018 schloss de light, light art museum celle with robert simon
2018 hannover leuchtet, installation lichtadern
2019 fiolux, development of light art boards
2019 pubic hair donation / strich-code-move, by and with kerstin schulz, berlin, hannover
2019 link, ai school of the foundation of lower saxony