about franz betz


with lichtkunst kunstlicht (light art/ artificial light) – a space-installation focused on the high symbolic value of artificial light – franz betz laid the basics for his artistic work in 1989. during the following years he created the light-alphabet alphabetz, invented the sculpture-kit f-io and lichtbloobs – all these are examples of his strong conceptual and transdisciplinary approach.
in his studio called TrafoLab, based in hanover-kleefeld, he turned an old transformer-station into a laboratory of light-art. it’s the place where he develops new participative projects of light-art, such as the open light festival Ihme Vision, the installation leine de lights and the crowd-art project Kleefeld Leuchtet.
where light, material and people connect, new innovative projects get started – with success: in 2017 they won the first price at fashion hack day in berlin for their ideas in light technology combined with fashion.
in his new business segment f-io teamskulpturen he is working at the intersection of art and business. focusing on making sculptures in teamwork he and the kre-H-tiv network initiated the very successful urban project stadtskulptur hannover.